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Psalms and the Autumnal Festival (1)

September 20, 2008

In chapter 2 of his Festal Drama in Deutero-Isaiah John Eaton outlines the pre-exilic festival and the ideal of kingship which he reconstructs primarily using evidence from the psalms. He has thirty-eight subheadings:

1. The occasion of the festival
2. The king as covener and president
3. Thoughts of the festival on the pilgrims’ journey
4. The pilgrimage is ideally for all nations
5. Cleansing and forgiveness
6. Yahweh’s kingship as an event in the festival
7. The diverse forces conquered by Yahweh
8. Yahweh’s victorious procession into Zion
9. Yahweh takes his seat in Zion
10. Yahweh’s speech as Covenant-Lord
11. Yahweh sits as Judge in Zion
12. Yahweh regulates the elements
13. The festal salvation is world-wide
14. Yahweh’s renewed royal care for his people
15. Zion as mother, wife, and queen
16. The renewal and repair of city and Temple
17. A new start
18. Ideas combined in the festival
19. The festal presentation of the Davidic office
20. The dramatic nature of the Davidic rites
21. An outline of the royal drama
22. The Davidic rites distinct but integral within the celebration of Yahweh’s kingship
23. Royal passion rites: Near Eastern comparisons
24. Yahweh glorifies his king
25. The king and Yahweh’s law
26. The king as Yahweh’s son and servant
27. The king as righteous
28. The king and God’s spirit
29. The king and God’s word
30. The reassurance of the king
31. God’s bestowal of life on the king
32. The king mediates life
33. Priestly and prophetic functions of the king
34. The king’s work of atonement
35. The king’s power of prayer
36. The prominence of enemies in the royal texts
37. The king as witness and proclaimer of Yahweh’s triumph
38. Complaints of king and people

In future posts I shall point out the highlights.

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